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Involvement in the equipment leasing industry since 1984 from both the business perspective and the legal perspective generates a unique understanding of the many business and ethical issues in leasing, current industry standards, leasing documentation and industry trends.


Some of Attorney Bonanno's
Qualifications Include:

  • Seminars, articles and education on legal, ethical, fraud and business leasing issues 
  • Legal Counsel to the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers since 1998 
  • One of only 3 attorneys in the United States to earn the Certified Lease Professional designation
  • Member of Certified Lease Professional Board of Directors since 2005
  • Selected to Massachusetts Task force for the Adoption of Article 9 and Article 2A to Massachusetts Uniform Commercial Code
  • Past instructor, Leasing Institute of America
  • Contributing Author: Power Tools for Successful Leasing (Broker/Funder Relations)
  • Selected to instruct Russian Leasing Executives in education exchange program
  • Instructor for leasing seminar given to the Kosovo Bankers Association, through The World Bank
  • Evaluation of and recommendation of changes to stimulate leasing in the Russian Federation, through The World Bank
  • Administer Ethics Program of the National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers
  • Named one of the most 25 influential people in the leasing industry by the readers of Leasing News
  • Education: Juris Doctor/MBA/Bachelor's in Economics/Associate in Accounting

Issues in Past Expert Witness Engagements Include:

  • Fraud in an application committed upon a community bank in a participated lease transaction
  • Determination of industry standards of terms and conditions of a broker/funder agreement
  • Enforceability of waivers of implied warranties in an equipment lease document to assist an individual who lost both arms and legs while using leased equipment
  • Determination of and effect of a usurous interest rate in a lease transaction to assist a lessee
  • Anaylsis of documentation inconsistencies revealed lessee fraud upon a funding source
  • Reasonableness of expectation of residual economic benefit to a computer lessor for tax benefit purposes
  • Claim of exclusivness in application of leasing industry software

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Certified Lease Professional
Equipment Leasing Expert Witness
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