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Ethics in equipment leasing is a constant industry concern. The threat of industry-wide regulation has lead to the adoption by many industry associations of codes of ethics and programs for enforcement of codes of ethics. Self imposed codes of ethics are viewed by many as a viable alternative to industry regulation.

Codes of ethics cannot anticipate every ethical issue that may develop in a lease. What at first appears to be a legal dispute between parties many times can be solved by reference to industry codes of ethics for guidance rather than legal principles.

As the awarness of importance of codes of ethics in the leasing industry grows, a working knowledge of codes of ethics can help resolve such disputes as:

1.    Retention and Refund of Advance or Commitment Fees
2.    Appropriate conduct between a broker and a funder
3.    Duty of Loyalty and Confidentiality
4.    Third Party execution of lease documents
5.    Acceptance of equipment

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